We are providing numerous services for our customers in the field of construction and chemicals. Our vision includes to provide maximum facilities to our clients and this is the reason why we are one of the best established in the market. For better services and testimonials, we are providing “Free samples to our customer to make their believe strong”.

Here are the major services we are providing all around the Pakistan:


H.A & Sons has been work for numerous years within the area of waterproofing answers for the residential, industrial and business sector. Our experienced crew of individuals makes positive that your waterproofing offerings reach to every corner of Pakistan, whether or not you are living in Faisalabad, Lahore, or any city. We are providing FREE SAMPLING of waterproofing to all the respective customers. This is one of our plus points that make our customer permanent. Among our waterproofing services in Pakistan, we offer numerous offerings along with roof waterproofing, RCC roof waterproofing, damp waterproofing, Basement DPC waterproofing, and numerous other waterproofing offerings in Faisalabad. Our team proposes several experts with experience of sixteen years and more incorporates of labors, project managers and support personnel for providing the best waterproofing seepage chemical treatment solution in Pakistan.


Our company introduced Liquid tile Grout for the very first time in Pakistan in 2015. Our special adhesive chemical is one of the popular chemicals introduced by H.A & Sons. This is an imported chemical and one of the major components in which, we are providing customizes colors.

We are the only one that is providing vide range of colors in Pakistan along with customization, according to customer’s desire color. For this, we are also providing free sample of your color. Grouts are of many types i.e. Epoxy, polyester, cementations etc. The main motive of the use of grout is providing high strength to joints; prevent water penetration and provide anchoring support.

Catering to the necessities of our customers, we are worried in imparting an exclusive variety of Tile Grout. This Tile Grout is synthetic using excessive grade material and modern techniques in adherence with several defined norms through our vendors. This product is widely appreciated through our customers for its water resistance and most effective quality.


We provide a unique & universal waterproofing treatment for severe internal dampness.

We recently launched “Pro Max: Ultra Guard Silicone paint for exterior walls”.

You need a specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently. You need not break the wall plaster to reach to brick level to waterproof it. It is directly applied by us on damp internal wall by brush and is very easy to use. Due to quick drying technology, the job is done very quickly. This treated wall can be plastered with waterproof leveling plaster to remove the undulations and give a smooth finish.

  • Silicate-based concrete sealer, which reacts with the components in masonry and urban to shape a waterproofing coating; this sealer can best be used on unsealed/unpainted walls.
  • Waterproofing paint, which is much like acrylic wall paint, with the principle difference that it delivers better waterproofing performance? It’s very important to select breathable components that are especially designed to allow walls to breathe and take away moisture. The product can be carried out to surfaces previously painted.

H.A and Sons provides a paint system which makes the surface breathable, makes it possible for the trapped water to escape as a vapor and the paint protects the wall from fungus and efflorescence.



We are providing further services about construction chemicals that are essential for making your construction according to modern and trending era. Contact us to get your quotation.