The main objective or goal of our company is to provide our customers with quality services of painting application and high quality paint products that are also innovative – customer satisfaction is the primary objective of H.A and Sons. The unit of infrastructure is well equipped with latest machines that are technologically advance and produce a huge range of products.

With cooperation, H.A and Sons continue to innovate and improvise not only on the quality but also on the range. New products are developed and the production processes are kept innovative so that the costs can be reduced and the business can be optimized.


H.A and Sons stands for trust and quality. We offer products that are manufactured in a way that it can stand rough weather conditions and such products are not easily available at the market. For ages, We were convinced to launch new product. H.A and Sons is now altering the way of living by introducing various color schemes and new equipment’s. H.A and Sons promises to create a mood. H.A and Sons has expanded to special and elite products. We provide guarantee against efflorescence by PRO MAX breathable paint system with dry and seal treatment. The walls cannot be properly protected against efflorescence by using the ordinary paint. Efflorescence can be avoided best by using breathable paints system.


H.A and Sons made efforts by leaps and bounds and expanded its business network across the globe. H.A and Sons ensures timely delivery of the consignment to at the doorstep of the client because of this network.



The present commitment to corporate responsibility by H.A and Sons consists of various parts. Our manufacturing processes contain qualified protection which ultimately protect the public employees and the employees of the public. Our practices are completely green internally. Our products are water bases and combined with replenish able resources. Environmental strategies are adopted by us for the purpose of production and supply in a way that would not cause pollution and would not result in any wastes. Our employees are educated, trained and informed about how they can protect the environment and our employees are empowered to play their part in protecting the environment.