H.A and Sons Breathable Silicone paints system.

A single coat of H.A and Sons dry and seal water repellent primer and double coats of H.A and Sons primer less silicone paint.


Apply H.A and Sons patching compound over all cracks and holes. Make sure you do not paint the areas that are wet and where the proximate reading is above 18% WME.


All the concrete should be removed or scrapped before the paint in applied. A period of at least few days should be provided for curation before a newly plastered surface is painted.


A roller or a spray should be used to apply in order to prevent the undercoat from microbial attack and in order to avoid Efflorescence.


A double coat of H.A and Sons final coat paint should be applied. The coatings of Sigma silicone paint are accepted by the walls. Lengthy intervals between the repainting. These are proven to be pocket friendly.