Fipronil is a new termiticide containing the novel active ingredient. Fipronil, which belongs to a relatively new chemical g-oup phenyl pyrozole it acts on the insects by ingestion and by contact. It’s unique mode of action inhibits the nerve impulse and makes it different from other available termiticides Fipronil insures Intensive and complete control against all types of termites and wood boring insects.


Spray, shower or flood the water mixed solution @ 5 litres per sq meter {10.76 sq.Feet) onto:

  • ¬†Foundation pits
  • Foundation when reaches at DPC level
  • Before construction of temporary (katcha) floor
  • Between constructed area and outer plot boundary before concrete


Drill holes inside and outside the walls at every 2ft. Distance injector pour solution @ 2-3 litres per hole in order to create a barrier inside and outside around the walls and ground surfaces. All holes on wooden door, cupboards, windows and their frames.

Usage on wood

In one liter “Fipronil” mix 8 litres of spray with low pressure spray pump on wooden fixtures or apply with brush or dip wood in its solutions.


  • Wear gloves while using “Fipronil.
  • Keep the product away from eatables, animals and children.
  • If swallowed consult a physician immediately.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.


Seller warrants that the product conforms to its chemical description and is reasonably fit for the pruposes and period stated on the label, when used in accordance and stored in cool, dark and dry place, in exposure to direct sunlight and heat, rain with original sealed, undamaged containers. But neither this warranty not any other warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular prupose, expressed or implied, storage of this product contrary to label instructions to the use or abnormal conditions not reaconably foreseeable to seller, and buyer assumes the risk of any such use or defective storage.

directions for use

Make spray solution according to following schedule:


Mix With Water

Sq. Feet

1 Litre

125 to 150

300 to 350

  • Keep the Product away from Children.
  • Keep at Dry & Cool Place