H.A and Sons provide a paint system which s water based with primer-less silicone that protects the walls. Our paint system has earned a great reputation in Pakistan in the past years and more than a million buildings present in Pakistan are painted with the silicone technology paints provided by H.A and Sons, we are glad to state that various buildings that used our paint system did not face any need of repainting.

H.A and Sons offers a beading effect that avoids water absorption, water droplets are beaded up into little balls and roll off the substrates by the mixture of the two properties and it prevents the formation of standing water.

The attacks of algae, fungi and mold do not usually appear on the dry facades, they appear more on the damp facades. Our dry and seal water repellent primer helps in keeping the facades dry and does not allow the microorganisms to grow.

A dry zone is created under the paint substrates and as a result, it averts substances like alkalis and salts present in the material used from construction and saves the fa├žade from any damage.

H.A and Sons is a company that deals in the manufacturing and supply of products related to paint coating. Under the prudent management, H.A and Sons has developed and has experienced exponential growth. A whole range of architectural paints is provided by H.A and Sons. H.A and Sons serves its purpose to satisfy the business and the customers. Customers are considered to be an important asset of H.A and Sons and handling the requests is the first priority of H.A and Sons. H.A and Sons has stations that keep an eye on the customer satisfaction and analyze in a corporate manner. Our results have shown repeated sales and an excellent performance. A few highlights of H.A and Sons are as follows.